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Pesto alla Siciliana


History of “Pesto alla Siciliana”

Not only Genoese. Sicilian pesto is an equally valid alternative to the classic Ligurian pesto. The colors change and the flavors change, which immediately take us back to southern Italy: all thanks to the tomatoes, protagonists of the recipe together with the walnuts and ricotta, which makes it even more enveloping and creamy. A red pesto to be prepared in a few minutes to season pasta, but also bruschetta and crostini.

More than Pasta Sauce

Sicilian pesto is a condiment that perfectly summarizes the typical ingredients of the land from which it originates, Sicily: ricotta and walnuts.

Pesto Rosso


History of “ Pesto ROSSO”

A delicious sauce with Mediterranean colors: the aromatic taste of basil, the intensity of dried tomatoes and the most delicate Italian tomato pulp.

More than Pasta Sauce

Fresh and fragrant dressing ideal not only for pasta but also to spread on bread. Dried tomatoes give a decisive and spicy flavour.

Pesto alla Genovese


History of “ Pesto ALLA GENOVESE”

Pesto is one of the masterpieces of Italian regional cuisine. Some distant form of this sauce probably existed in the Arabian Peninsula, but only in 1860, a recipe for pesto—very similar to the one we know today—was codified by Giovan Battista Ratto in his “La Cuciniera Genovese” in 1836.

More than Pasta Sauce

A traditional, and universal, recipe for pesto includes fresh basil, garlic, coarse sea salt, extra virgin olive oil and aged Italian cheese.

Arrabbiata Sauce


Arrabbiata sauce is made with 100% Italian tomatoes and hot chilli pepper. It is packed in Italy and rich of whole cherry tomatoes. Our tomatoes are picked and packed at the peak of freshness so they taste great and are bursting with the sweetness of the Italian sun. Bring tons of flavor to your appetizers or meals with the Arrabbiata Pasta Sauce from Pietro Coricelli. Mix it into your home-cooked pasta or gnocchi or use it as a dip for everything from mozzarella sticks to chicken wings for a tasty appetizer or snack.



The finest ingredients from traditional Italian cuisine: Basilico Sauce is the perfect partner for just about any pasta shape, and suites sophisticated and simple pasta cuts alike. The fresh basil sauce is a delicious sauce prepared with the best Italian tomatoes, high quality extra virgin olive oil and a lot of freshly harvested basil. It has a delicate taste, but with character. It lends itself to excellent first courses, but also as a base for seasoning meat and bruschetta.



Pietro Coricelli's Bolognese Ragù is the perfect traditional ragù that recall the genuine flavours of the old days, and release all the aromas of home-made pasta sauce. One of the most popular of all Italian sauces, it contains 100% Italian tomatoes and no added preservatives. Expertly blending these tomatoes with the simple flavours of onion and herbs, you just add meat to create a tasty Bolognese sauce, perfect for tortiglioni, meat balls or lasagne.

Napoletana Sauce


Pietro Coricelli Napoletana Sauce is a simple, but extremely tasty sauce where the fresh flavour of Italian tomatoes blends with the unmistakeable fragrance of basil. Pietro Coricelli Napoletana Sauce is a simple, but extremely tasty sauce where the fresh flavour of Italian tomatoes blends with the unmistakeable fragrance of basil. Our secret? Italian tomatoes. Using only fragrant basil and sunripened tomatoes you can put a warm and inviting Italian lunch or supper on the table in minutes.


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