Look for the origin of your oil / Cherchez l'origine de votre huile

"Casa Coricelli" extra virgin olive oils line of is the result of experience which has spanned three generations, spanning 80 years of history. 

La gamme d'huiles d'olive extra vierges "Casa Coricelli" est le résultat d'une expérience qui s'étend sur trois générations et 80 ans d'histoire.

It was created thanks to the ability of our family to select only the best of raw materials, with the aim of ensuring a commitment to quality in the production of our oils. This quality commitment starts from the transparency on the product we offer, guaranteed by an ISO22005 certified traceability system.

Enter the lot so you can trace the place where the olives were pressed.

Write only the lot number without the letter “L.” that precedes it. E.g .: L. 93224000, Search for 93224000

Find out the origin of your oil by tracing it back to where the olives were pressed in 2 simple steps:

  1. Enter in the bar below the lot number you find on the back label, without the letter “L.” As you type, a drop-down menu will open with lot numbers compatible with the numbering you entered.
  2. Click on the lot number in the drop-down menu to start the search

Good traceability

Blockchain Coricelli

Do you want to know the quality of your Coricelli evo Oil?

Find our adhesion to the IBM Food Trust project

How do we guarantee
our Oil quality?

We have already found the answer in the technology! We decided to join the IBM Food Trust Blockchain and from today, by scanning the QR code of the Pietro Coricelli Extra Virgin Olive Oil bottle you will be able to know everything on the product from the results of the intern and extern tests thanks to the traced digital contents

Are you curious to know more? Watch the Video!

How does the Blockchain
process work?

Through the QR Code situated on the bottle the consumers will have access, in a simple and immediate way, to several cartified digital contents on the product like, for instance, all the accomplished chemical-physical analysis, the analysis issuing bodies, the results of the panel test realized on the inside of the company and the once realized on the outside like further protection.
The project’s goal is to offer a complete transparency and to increase the trust inside the consumer, who can choose on the shelf a quality traced evo olive oil, a guaranty that is not anymore reserved to the only premium products because Coricelli has choosen to apply it on the most sold product.

Why adopt the IBM Food Trust

Our Extra Virgin Olive Oil is the first italian oil traced with the IBM Food Trust Blockchain. Chiara Coricelli, Pietro Coricelli’s CEO explains it direclty us!

Is it important to you guarantee transparency?


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